Antonella-Francesca Di Stefano




After his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (1989-1993) and subsequent exhibitions in Italy until 2007, in 2023 he is back on display again in the Venice gallery, participating with some works at the inauguration of the place, on 25 March , together with other artists and soon with one of his personal.

Antonella-Francesca, daughter of art (Paolo Di Stefano) describes her works as follows:

“In my works I have chosen to use fabric, ropes and color because they allow me to express and "narrate" emotions and sensations. I have arrived at this very personal style, which sums up my knowledge-experience after years of work"

In her works Antonella-Francesca gradually eliminates the canvas of the picture leaving only the wooden frame, replacing the pictorial support with fabric and string (especially in the works that will exhibit in the Venice gallery), tells us again in this regard: "Knots sometimes symbolize the interweaving of fatality, sometimes they can represent the union of two beings, but also the social bond, which at this moment is the most important (after the pandemic period, but also after the self-isolation "from entertainment" generated by the internet and addictions to it).

The knot plays an important role in the artist's works as a silent protagonist present in various cultures, used for its strong symbolic value from Chinese to Inca culture, from Indian to Greek, from Tibetan to Egyptian. And how not to mention, lastly, the rope that joins-moors the vaporetto to the quay of the various stops in Venice with a final knotcity which unites people from all over the world who come to visit it.

Antonella-Francesca, 12/03/2023


The shreds of fabric as in the work“survivors” symbolize the human essence of the extreme, of the fatigue of the effort. A tried and stripped humanity in which ragged and worn men stand up with strength, courage, but still remain in contact, even if they no longer apparently communicate: the knots symbolize these bonds, between men, which remain over time beyond the spaces and the differences that divide them.